general terms and conditions

1. entering / health questionnaire

It is possible to start training at any time by arrangement. Early registration is recommended. The introductory course Pilates offers the ideal basis to start training. Prior to the first training session, participants are required to truthfully and fully complete the health questionnaire. In case of any changes regarding health declarations, participants must immediately inform the trainier. Depending on the state of health, medical examination can be required prior to the first training. Medical confidentiality is upheld at any time.


Registration is necessary at any time. It is suggested to make early reservation for courses with a maximum of 6 people. In case of a fully booked course, there is the option to join the waiting list. In case of any free slots, the participant will immediately be informed.

3. subscription

Subscriptions are personal and not transferrable. Paid, but not or only partially used subscriptions expire after their expiration date. There is no claim for refund. Subscriptions are valid from the first lesson. A retrospective extension of subscription is excluded, see point 6 "Illness, pregnancy or longer absence". The validation period can be seen in the price list.

4. terms of payment / bank details

The full amount is usually paid in advance, as one registers via the booking platform. In exceptional cases, the amount can be paid in cash, via Twint or by credit card on the day of the 1st training session. Installment payment is possible after consultation. In this case, an extra charge must be expected.  


Bank details: Graubündner Kantonalbank, 7001 Chur, IBAN CH77 0077 4010 2845 6540 0, account no. : 10 284.565.400, in favor of: PURE MOVE, Petra Knellwolf, Via Maistra 11, 7513 Silvaplana

5. conditions of cancellation

Appointments are binding. Cancellation 24 hours before the appointment is free of charge. It can be done either by SMS, e-mail or phone. In case of no or late cancellation, the full costs will be charged. In case of illness or accident, a medical certificate must be submitted, and the training will be rescheduled.

6. illness, pregnancy or longer absence

In case of illness or accident, the subscriptions can be interrupted for the duration of the absence (medical certificate required). In case of absence due to pregnancy, the subscription can be interrupted until training is resumed, no longer than one year after childbirth. In case of absence due to holiday, or business travel, the subscription can be extended with a minimum absence of four weeks. However, any claim for extension must be made in writing prior to the absence. No additional cost arise.

7. unforeseeable events / adjustment of the course schedule

In case of cancellation due to trainier's illness, PURE MOVE will do its best fo find a substitute teacher for the course. In this case, the trainer taking over the course will be announced in advance. There is no claim to refund. PURE MOVE reserves the right to cancel the course. Participants will receive early notification of any cancellation of a group course or personal training session, and no cost will arise. However, in this event, there is no claim for extension o the subscription. Should the course be cancelled for whatever reason for a longer time due to an unforeseeable event, exceptional measures may be taken. PURE MOVE reserves the right to adjust its offer and timetable to seasonal demand.

8. liability / responsibility

The participant bears the full responsibility for all activities. There is always a residual health risk with physical training. PURE MOVE is not liable for any health troubles or material damage. Arranging the requisite insurance is exclusively a matter for the participant.

9. Data protection

PURE MOVE is bound to keep any personal data in confidence and to not share them with any third parties. An exception to this is sharing information with staff or trainers taking over a course. In addition, participants shall keep any information obtained about other participants confidential.

10. place of jurisdiction

Exclusively Swiss law comes into application. The place of jurisdiction shall be the competent court for Silvaplana. 


Silvaplana, November 2018




TEL. +41 78 641 92 96