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I am Petra Knellwolf - founder and owner of PURE MOVE - I am a native of the Engadine and love to pursue my vocation here in the Engadine and accompany people on their path to relaxation, body awareness and muscular balance. I am convinced that Pilates and yoga are suitable for every body and provide a valuable basis for a healthy and satisfied life - whether young or old, athlete or couch potato.



 The harmony, interplay and expressiveness of movement have fascinated me from an early age. My professional experience, now accumulated over two decades, and my polysporting interest have inspired and taught me in understanding and training the movement processes of the human body. With Pilates, yoga and myofascial training I have found the depth I was looking for on a physical, philosophical and energetic level. I have realised that only through precision and the concentrated perception of one's own body can an effective training be created. The conscious use of breathing, focused and clear practice with one's own body give me a feeling of lightness, a sense of well-being, of consciously feeling every muscle. I appreciate these challenging yet deeply relaxing forms of movement and love to pass on this enthusiasm.



 My teaching style is mindful, varied, precise and focused on the functionality of the body, with a lot of heart and soul. I have been accompanying people into their power for over 20 years. My knowledge and consciousness is constantly developing, because learning on different levels, through eyes and ears, keeping the senses open for different processes, is a lifelong and exciting process for me. Every body is different, every person is different, so it is essential to be able to respond individually to each participant. My concern is that you learn to know and exploit your individuality and your resources through the training.



 With a lot of heart and soul, I create a space for personality for you. Training in a pleasant atmosphere and stylish ambience makes it easier for you to be mindful, present and completely with yourself. Activity and relaxation flow into each other. This is how I value my fully equipped studio - a place where atmosphere and function are combined and where I can achieve something valuable and sustainable.




  • Comprehensive Teacher Training Certificate (Studio/Mat), BASI® Pilates (Body Arts and Science International®), 500 hours.
  • Pilates Reformer Flow, Art of Motion
  • Certified Pilates Reformer Essential Trainer, Art of Motion
  • Pilates Flow Advanced, Art of Motion 
  • Pilates Flow, Art of Motion
  • Pilates Body Reading & Movement Strategies, Art of Motion
  • Pilates Tactile Instruction, Art of Motion
  • Pilates Personal Training, Polestar Pilates
  • Pilates for seniors, Polestar Pilates
  • Pilates Arc de Triomphe, Polestar Pilates
  • Pilates Suspension Training, Polestar Pilates
  • Certified Polestar Pilates Mat Trainer 



  • Yoga Intensive Training, 175 hours, Yoga Moves Winterthur
  • Yin Yoga & Anatomy Level 1 and 2, 100 hours, Yin Therapy
  • Certified Yoga Teacher, RYS 200 hours, Sundari Yoga
  • Certified Mouna Aerial Yoga Teacher
  • Yoga & Pilates Flying, Pilates Swiss
  • Sound Massage Practitioner and Gong Therapist, Peter Hess
  • Meditation, Rolphe Alcide Grimaitre


  • Slings Webinar Series, Karin Gurtner, Art of Motion
  • Slings Certificate Course, Art of Motion
  • Slings in Motion 3, Art of Motion
  • Slings in Motion 2, Art of Motion
  • Slings in Motion 1, Art of Motion
  • Slings Essentials, Art of Motion
  • Anatomy Trains in Motion, Art of Motion



  • Qualified Fitness Trainer, SAFS
  • Certified Wellness Trainer, Migros Klubschule
  • Sypoba Rehab Trainer
  • School Medical Basics, 150 hours, Benedict School
  • Certified Nordic Walking Instructor, NWO

Namastè, I'm Julia Brenner - People ask me again and again, when did you start doing yoga? I was born in South Tyrol, but that was a while ago. After my studies in education, I found myself in Asia, the stronghold and place of origin of yoga. That's where my "recorded yoga career" began about 11 years ago. And before that? I must have lived a pretty "yogic" life, without the knowledge of asanas, meditation techniques and breathing exercises. 



 For me, yoga is a way of life that can be optimally acquired and worked on on the mat. From the safe practice area, the yoga mat, what is learned can be wonderfully transferred into everyday life. This effect of yoga practice fascinates me the most and is therefore the main reason why I like to spend time with yoga. I am convinced that each one of us is yoga, how much we want to feed this part of ourselves is something we each decide for ourselves. My way of life has become more and more harmonised and alive through the targeted engagement with yoga.



 Over the past years, I have attended various workshops and retreats on different styles of yoga. This has led to my current yoga practice, which, like me and you, continues to evolve over time. Fortunately! The yoga classes I now teach are an offer for you, in which you can filter out what is valuable for you from bodywork, breath awareness and spiritual inputs, for the moment, carried into your everyday life. 

Yoga with me comes from the heart, has a grounding and liberating effect. That is why I love yoga, that is why I teach with joy! You can find out more about me at: www.kopfstand-julia.ch



Julia teaches the Tuesday evening Hatha Yoga class (7.30 pm to 8.45 pm) and offers individual Personal Training Yoga classes on request. 



  • Raja Yoga Teacher Training in Seoul South Korea with Yogacharya Ron Katwijk, with certification by International Yoga Federation, 200 hours.
  • Yoga with children and teenagers, Innsbruck Austria, 60 hours
  • Yoga Silence and Meditation Retreat in Shanti Ashram Daramshala India, with Sharat Arora, long-time student of BKS Iyengar, 12 days
  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Bali Indonesia, Jo Phee and Jo Barnett, with certification by Yoga Alliance, 200 hours
  • Level Up, Sequencing in Dortmund, Cool Yoga in the Ruhr Area, with Natascha Kiessler and Isabel Lasthaus, 40 hours

 Allegra, I am Nadine Tschäppeler - born and raised in Basel, I moved to the Engadine about two years ago. I consider it an absolute privilege to be able to spend time in this beautiful nature in both summer and winter.



As a physiotherapist and osteopath in training, I have long been fascinated by the human body and its interrelationships. I love to constantly deal with this matter and to further develop my knowledge and networked thinking.



I have been practising Pilates for myself for many years and I am convinced that it is a beautiful way to strengthen our centre from the inside out, to go through life consciously with posture and power. In my work with patients it is a beautiful tool to prevent injuries and illnesses or to come out of them rehabilitated and strengthened. 


For me, myofascial training is a complementary addition due to the inclusion of the fascial connecting lines of our body. This is combined with the stabilising elements from Pilates, osteopathy in vivo and inspires me every time anew. In my lessons, I attach great importance to the mindful and precise execution of the exercises. The joy of movement is never neglected.



In addition to her own training groups, Nadine teaches sporadically as a substitute teacher. 


pilates & more

  • Pilates Essentials Physio, Art of Motion
  • MSc in Osteopathy, in Training
  • Qualified Physiotherapist BSc


Myofascial Training

  • Slings in Motion 2, Art of Motion
  • Slings in Motion 1, Art of Motion
  • Slings Essentials, Art of Motion
  • Anatomy Trains in Motion, Art of Motion




TEL. +41 78 641 92 96